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By attending the electric guitar course, you will learn the essentials of electric guitar technique and drastically improve your ability to rock! Depending on your preference, you can choose to study a range of styles such as pop, rock, blues, funk and Jazz. I will be delighted to help you improve your skills and understand the essence of the instrument so that you can become a complete electric guitarist.

  • All levels welcome

  • Study and play your favourite songs

  • Master the art of quick chord changes

  • Develop essential rhythm and lead guitar technique

  • Learn how to improvise in different styles

  • Enhance your picking to improve your speed

Students can learn guitar for the fun of making music or alternatively, can opt to gain fully accredited qualifications through LCM or Trinity Rock & Pop grading format. Studying with the right help and support will give you the confidence you need to achieve success.

See what my students have been learning

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