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Crop close up of male music coach or tutor play guitar have online video lesson on laptop

Having your lessons through Zoom or Skype is an excellent way to learn the guitar. Before the advent of national lockdowns, the thought of learning this way was rarely considered. Fortunately, they do work very well and have unique benefits compared to having lessons in person. While learning in person still has many benefits, here are some of the reasons I think online learning provides a good platform to work from:


  • No need for traveling

  • Saves you time

  • Sheet music and backing tracks can be sent and kept digitally

  • Close-up shots of the guitar are easily visible

  • Close-up shots of sheet music are easy to analyze together on screen

  • Lessons can be recorded with the app, and examples clearly demonstrated to aid practice


What’s more, if you are local to Taunton, you are welcome to have ‘flexible lessons’. These give you the option of either having your lesson in person or online. No pre-arrangement needs to be made; you can decide on the day which one suits you. Many of my students have appreciated the benefits of doing this and have found this helpful while juggling a busy schedule.

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